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Buying a Domain...

Let's purchase your custom domain!

Buying a Domain

Your Domain is the name of you website. The name you choose will be the URL used to search your new site. (ex. is my domain.) This domain can also be used later on to make a custom email or entire Google Workspace for your site.

1. Go to

2. Click on the search bar to "Search for your new domain"

3. Type in the URL that you want INCLUDING the extension (ex: I typed in "")

4. If that domain is taken it will say: “ is already registered.”




5. When you find a domain that is available it will have a green checkmark and say “exact match.”​ Next to the price (typically $12/year) you will see a shopping cart. Click the shopping cart ‘+

6. Go to you shopping cart in the top right corner

7. You do not need to change any setting here. The Privacy Protection and Auto-Renew should both be turned on and blue.





8. Scroll to the bottom and click "Checkout"

9. Verify you contact information and the price, enter your credit card information, and click "Buy"

10. Congratulations! You now own a little piece of the internet.

You should get an email conformation for your purchase.

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