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I found the PERFECT trailer on Craigslist at the start of March. It was handmade almost completely out of wood. It was teardrop-ish but I could mostly stand up inside. It ended up getting sold to someone else before I could go pick it up but it kicked up a bit of travel inspiration in me. I have been home since early January but I'm feeling ready to get out there again now. Part one of my post-graduation travel adventures began with a roadtrip turned long-term stay at the most incredible farm in Nova Scotia. I had planned to live out of my car for that trip but ended up moving into a cute little on-site cabin and redesigned my trip. After five months in that wonderful community, I returned home to regroup. I am planning to start my next journey this June with a brief two-week trip to visit a friend in San Francisco and make it all the way up to Oregon for a bit of exploration. In October, I plan to move full time into my Honda CR-V with my cat, Ruth. She has been traveling with me for the past year and a half and she is so wonderful to have as an adventure buddy. We used the CR-V last time as well but with a different setup. The bed was too high to sit up in which was fine because we spend most of the time outside anyways, but there were a couple of rainy days that it would have been nice to have a covered space to sit. Also with the previous build, I would have to set up and take down my sleeping arrangements every time I moved the car because the front seats were pushed all the way forward for it to fit. This time, I plan to take out my two rear seats so the bed can be lower, build a bed frame that fits exactly between my trunk and the passenger seat so it does not slide around, and organize it in a way that I do not have to move everything around when I want to drive. I am also hoping to purchase an awning for the side of my car so we could have a covered outdoor space as well that would help keep rain, snow, and sun off the car. So, no trailer for me ... yet ... but I am super excited to try a design that suits my needs better inside of the car I already have. We'll see where things go from there!

See you on the road,


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