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Overnight at Grayson Highlands State Park

Updated: May 4, 2023

Hello! Welcome to my travels! I'm Ana, a recent graduate from the University of Virginia and I am embarking on a roadtrip on July 3rd. I'm am bringing my cat, Ruth along for the ride. To prepare, we went on a quick overnight trip to Grayson Highlands State Park. The drive was about four hours southwest of Charlottesville. We stayed at Hickory Ridge Campground at Site #9 and had a great time. It was $31.33 for the night and had everything we needed. I was able to find a level place to park for our car-camping setup. We explored the park and went for a quick hike through the meadow in the evening. About a mile in we saw the wild horses and found a rock to sit on and watch the sunset. The next morning we ended up sleeping in until about 9am and headed home after a leisurely breakfast.

Drive Time: 3hr 56min one

Milage: 480mi (240 miles one way)

Gas Price: ~$4.80

Origin/destination: Charlottesville, Va to Grayson Highlands State Park

Most exciting thing: Wild Horses!

Something to learn from: I forgot a can opener...

Places I ate:

Who I met: A couple across the road from my site had a pop up camper and a can opener I borrowed. They noticed Ruth and said they have a 17 year old cat they might bring next time.

Activities I did: Little hike up Massie Gap trail

Things I saw: wild horses, so many wildflowers, a ton of different camping setups.

Remember for next time: can opener!

Stops along the way: none.

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